Member Responsibilities

    As a member of the NOC Youth Paddling Team you will be joining a group of paddlers that are dedicated and passionate about the sport of whitewater paddling. We take paddling very seriously here at NOC and strive to uphold a level of professionalism found no where else in the sport on this scale. We expect ALL of our team members to uphold this same level of professionalism while representing the team. Any breach of this representation will lead to a swift dismissal from team membership.  

General Youth Team Requirements - 

Maintain 3.0 GPA

Sign and follow Code of Conduct

Sign and follow Alcohol and Drug Use Policy

Responsibilities for entire Youth Paddling Team

Paddling Ambassador -
First and foremost you are expected to be an advocate of whitewater kayaking and help with growing the sport. This includes conducting yourself professionally and responsibly while representing the YPT on and off the river. Your compliance is of the utmost importance and any behavior that is detrimental to the mission of the team and/or the sport will not be tolerated. Your goal is to be the friendliest, most helpful person on the river!

Blog Articles / Videos -
Periodically you will be expected to submit an article, short video, slideshow, etc. to the NOC Paddling School for use on our blog, web page, or possibly be submitted to a paddling publication. We want you to use your imagination when choosing topics to write about, but keep in mind that the entire paddling community may be reading your work!

Responsibilities for Elite Team

All above responsibilities

Team Development-
As part of the YPT, you will be asked to assist in making decisions about the future of the team. This may also include a small amount of writing and graphic design.  

First Aid/Swiftwater Rescue Training -
First Aid / Swiftwater rescue certifications are a requirement to be on the team. If you can not attend the NOC sponsored courses it is up to you to get this training by July 1st, 2012.
Training Sessions -
You are expected to attend a minimum of five training sessions per season as well as compete in a minimum of three events.  

Youth Rendezvous -
Twice per season, NOC will host a Youth Rendezvous at the Nantahala. All Elite team members are expected to be involved in the planning, organization and execution of these events. This is a two day commitment in the fall and two in the spring.