Code of Conduct

NOC Youth Paddling Team: Rules of Conduct

We’re excited that you will be joining us for the youth paddling team! Please take the time to review the
following guidelines with your parent or guardian. NOC’s goal is to help people of all ages become
competent, independent paddlers. Part of this learning process includes developing good judgment as
kayaking involves risk. Learning how to evaluate a situation and then deciding if you have the skills, are as
important as the forward stroke and roll. We expect each participant to take an active role in making good
decisions for him or herself. This judgment process starts with reading and signing all documents relating
to course enrollment. We also encourage all participants and their parent/guardian to take this opportunity
to discuss the program description, expectations for the program, and the rules of student conduct below.

Rules for Team Paddlers

First and foremost you are expected to be an advocate of whitewater kayaking and help with growing the sport. This includes conducting yourself professionally and responsibly while representing the YPT on and off the river. Your compliance is of the utmost importance and any behavior that is detrimental to the mission of the team and/or the sport will not be tolerated. Your goal is to be the friendliest, most helpful person on the river! As a participant in an NOC program, all students are:

1. Expected to observe curfews imposed by the instructor(s)/supervisor(s).
2. Not allowed to leave the group or cabin without permission.
3. Required to wear seat belts while riding in any vehicle, and to not stand or move around while the vehicle    is in motion.
4. Expected to use appropriate language, model good manners, and show respect for all students, staff, and
5. Expected to be responsible for their gear and personal belongings.
6. Expected to sign and strictly follow the Alcohol / Drug Use Policy.